Sunday, 30 June 2013

Well, I'm back.

Thesis has been handed in. The reviewers have been appointed. That means I can actually start to show up and renew contacts with people by other means that quick quips in a facebook status. Until my defence I will probably spend my time in the lab, reworking the publication that has just come back from the review. Most of the stuff the reviewer asks for is fortunately done long ago, safe in our drawers and on the hard disks.

So I’ll be pipetting, but that’s nothing new. After all my adventure with this lab slowly comes to an end, so I set myself to write something during the last summer holiday in my life (PhD students work in summer anyway. But still, it’s on paper.). I have no idea what’s next, although I have sent CVs and cover letters. I’m still trying places where I really want to go. I’m hesitating between the sense of unexpected freedom and total unbound panic. Especially after I spend too much time researching the future of all my potential careers. Either the world as we know it comes to an end, or the Internet is full of grumblers.

I’m recollecting my brain. Soon I will post something scientific.

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