Sunday, 18 January 2015

Goro Miyazaki, an artist in his own right

This will be a short one.

Yesterday I have watched the first episode of "Ronja the Robbersdaughter" and it is awesome.

The 3d animation takes a bit of getting used to, but once you're there, everything else is just perfect. The adaptation is very faithful, and the characters and locations are very close to what I imagined (with the correction that I have imagined a world much more realistic and dirty than it's feasible in a TV anime). The production, for a TV series, is very high quality, especially the emotions expressed by the characters.

So far, Goro Miyazaki has recieved a lot of criticism. People expected him to be Hayao II, who he obviously can't be, since he's another person entirely. But he can be great in his own right. See, Hayao is a fairy tale maker, a person of huge, unbound, whimsical imagination. Goro is a realist - which I suspected since the Earthsea, where the whimsical and metaphorical was botched, while the realistic elements held ground. Should he continue in that direction, making anime that is heavier, more solid, grounded and as gritty as warm (the harpies hold promise that gritty is where Goro does his best), he will make great art. Also, very distinct from his father's unforgettable movies.

Now, "Ronja" is definitely a series to watch and I will see if the next episodes hold up to the promise of the first one (according to others who watched, they do - the awesomeness continues, and the darker parts of the story are dark indeed). Spread this and get to Goro so he knows that he's doing great work and he doesn't have to step into his father's shoes. It' just an opinion of a small lady in Poland, but as an author I know that sometimes that one reader's opinion is what we need.

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