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Chronicles of the Torn World, vol. 1 and vol. 2 (Nasza Księgarnia Publishing House, 2016)

 Kroniki Rozdartego Świata. Asystent czarodziejki.
 Kroniki Rozdartego Świata. Utracona Bretania.

Asystent czarodziejki (The Sorceress' Assistant), vol. 1
For the last quarter of century Vincent Thorpe has been working as a laboratory and field assistant for the genius sorceress Margueritte de Breville, known in Arboria as Crazy Meg. Together they have been researching secrets of the Tearing, the great conflict that had literally shattered the world apart seven hundred years ago. Now Vincent wishes to retire and live happily ever after with his beloved Amandine. However, when his final mission takes an unexpected turn, Vincent is forced to travel with his friends and his fiancée to the supposedly lost Other Side of the World, rescue his teacher and discover a few things about himself and the history of Arboria.

In vol. 2, Utracona Bretania (The Lost Bretagne), Amandine, Vincent’s fiancée, usurps the role of the Great Mage in his place to misdirect enemies, gather allies and protect her friends. Kathryn, recognized as an heir to the throne, tries to act her role, although her lack of social skills might yet prove disastrous. Meanwhile, Margueritte and her friend Belinde prepare for the battle at Montségur in the army of general-prophet Theresa the Flame, who strives to conquer Bretagne and dethrone the old king. The clash of two armies, Kathryn’s and Theresa’s, seems inevitable.
Meanwhile Vincent tries to survive in Bretagne and find his friends. He will meet unlikely allies and solve the mystery of his predecessor, Lucius. Is the old Void Mage really dead, or behind it all?

Clad in the disguise of adventure fantasy, set in the world where magic requires higher mathematics and wizards deal with nuts and bolts of scientific life, the series incorporates elements of social criticism, science fiction, academic satire and a hearty bit of comedy.

The City of Mages

Dom Wschodzącego Słońca, Runa 2006
Dom Wschodzącego Słońca, Brokilon 2011
Dom Wschodzącego Słońca, Bookrage 2014

House of the Rising Sun (Runa 2006, Brokilon 2011, Bookrage 2014)
Set in the fictional city named Farewell, somewhere in the fictional United States, four interconnected stories follow the trials and tribulations of a certain group of mages and social rejects. Eunice Wight, a rebellious teenager from a broken family, finds out that she has talent for magic, and that the world offers much more wonders - and dangers - that she had ever anticipated. Her new mage friends - a dashing, but troubled musician Gabriel Shade, a blind and disabled programmer Timothy Hawkins and valiant, but unsuited to modern life Lloyd Dark try to teach her with their best intentions despite their past coming back to haunt them. The plot culminates when Eunice’s irresponsible father returns to town with a monster following his footsteps. 

Mandala (yet unpublished)
The second book focuses on the battle with Juliano Vincente de la Medina, a cunning, psychopathic vampire who is also the boss of local mafia. At the same time it is revealed that the city begins to undergo subtle but unsettling changes. 


Files from Farewell (Science Fiction 04/2002)
This story, heavily modified, has been later transformed into the “Apollo” book chapter in volume 1. 

This is a job for Rosenkhat (Fahrenheit, 04/2003) 
The Graduate Master of Magic Rosenkhat Darantian is a genius. Unfortunately he is very much aware of it. Adventure&fantasy. Fireballs, treasures and naked ladies.  

Shadowlights (Fahrenheit, 10/2003)
This story has been made into the “Shadow and lights” chapter in the book 1. It’s been so heavily modified that it’s become non-canon. 

Five’o clock story (Fahrenheit, Jan/Feb 2005)
A short story about having roommates and disasters that follow. Fantasy or magic realism, depending on how you look. 

Flame in the glass (Fahrenheit, Jan/Feb 2006)
A little girl and the witches. A fantasy short story that draws on the XIX century British children novels. 

Imponderabilia (anthology "Kochali się, że strach", Fabryka Słów, 09/2007)
Hark the imp, a familiar of the necromancer Serpentinus, embarks on a quest to help his master find true love.  However, his knowledge of human mating rituals is basic, to say the least. Comedy&fantasy.

A cookie for Lorelei  (anthology "Księga strachu", Runa, 11/2007)
Forget about dogs and cats. These little fairy-like creatures are the perfect best friend for XXI century. At least that’s what the commercials say. Slapstick horror, a pastiche of ’80 movies. 

Maestro (Esensja, 10/2010)
A short-short story. Forty years before Edison, a young French inventor came up with the phonograph…

Return to Port Sand (Science Fiction Fantasy i Horror, 06/2011)
A novella which belongs to the Magicity series, but otherwise can be read as a separate story. A man named Chris wakes up in the alien world, within the huge metropolis built on the volcano island. The inhabitants use plastics instead of metal or wood and they barely thrive on the mass processed, but still scarce food. In contrary to the main series, the novella wanders into science fiction/weird fiction territory. 

Silentfooted (Esensja, 04/2012) 
A short-short story. Warsaw is a jealous city – beware what you promise, because you will have to keep it.  

Conscience of the Morloks (anthology Futuronauta, published by the Jagiellonian University CITTRU organization)
A short-short story. In the future, the humankind has been almost wiped out with a deadly plague…

Iter in Sarmatiam (anthology "Herosi", Powergraph, 10/2012)
Scientists find a travel memoir of sir Erazm Łącki, a Polish XVII century nobleman, on a quest in search of the legendary ancient realm of Sarmatia. Warning: 2/3 of this story has been written in Old Polish and thus, it's advised only to courageous translators. Contains nods to "The manuscript found in Saragossa" and some very obscure Polish classics.

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